Since when Ben met Anna his duty is to protect her with his eyes // On the Sunday's train // She is so pretty // She is so shy // She never speaks // And when she does // Everything turns out to be so special //


Now together they feel safe // Or more precisely // Less in danger // We will never understand // The way they look out of the window // No they truly do not need  // Anyone else  // No doctors // No parents // No friends


They're so exited // They just can't wait // To reach that place // To bury all their pain // Their stress // Every other thing // Under the sand // of an opaque beach // To forget about it // For at least a couple weeks // Kicking the waves // Feeling so dumb


Nobody can stop them // Nobody can stop us // Nobody can stop you


Tonight // They fight // The sight // Of light // Their face // Is bright // She's wrong // She's right // They fly // So high that // They smell // the sky // It falls // that thing // They had // Inside

They found him drunk like a celebrity // In the center of the city where nobody see // The next day he surrendered to the authority // A lot of pictures, a couple screams // Suddenly his majestic feet // Returned to be the most horrible thing // That all those girls had ever seen // From the back of the police car // The amazing landscape // Was always so far


One thousand thoughts crowded his head // But the only thing that he could actually think of was


I’ve seen it, the low moon // Its bottom couldn’t fit in my palm // I miss it but soon // I’ll be there again to jump


Trapped in a plane he remembers // The day that he was found, the 26th September // When those idiots decided to save the farang beggar // Maybe spending the coming-back money in Pattaya wasn’t so clever // Here we are // He was deported // He can’t go back but his long travel never stopped // Even right now, even today // He’s seeking for another girl in another state


He always walks with a limp // Station to station // He’s looking for a home, he’s looking for a new nation // The architecture of his sadness changes in every airport // Every month, in every city and street, in every sector


But there’s a part that it’s missing // And the only way for him to find it is just singing:


I’ve seen it, the low moon // Its bottom couldn’t fit in my palm // I miss it but soon // I’ll be there again to jump



You need // A place to think // Or just a place to thank // I’ve got this room // Is like a roof // With no lights // Can you see, the pice of sky // sticked over my head? // The moving stars // Make me feel dizzy


All those blurry dots are way too much above my hand // And I pretend to count them all as if I canNow I’m up in the sky but still the ground touches my hands // I do not need place to think, I need a place to stand


Wait I feel a train under my skin // I’ve got a train under my skin // I can’t miss it


Please does anybody know where it’s taking me?  // I can’t feel my hands and I can’t feel my knees // These days I feel like a fish that swims over the sea // Now there’s nothing but a door and please tell me you’ve the keys


Do you? // You do not